Finance Visas – Myths vs Facts About K1 Visas

As I access my seventh year of practicing fiancee acceptance law I accept a amount of observations to allotment with -to-be and accepted clients.


There is a accepted delusion that marrying a adopted woman is somehow cheap or beneath absolute than marrying an American woman.

We accept all heard the appellation “mail adjustment bride” which would call a bearings in which the American man has not met his adopted fiancee but rather has best her account out of a archive and ordered her to be delivered. Clearing law does not in actuality acquiesce for “mail adjustment brides.” A arch affirmation of the fiancee acceptance is that the American appellant and adopted almsman accept met in getting aural the two years above-mentioned to the filing of the fiancee acceptance petition. Opponents of the fiancee acceptance who allege of mail adjustment brides are alone absolute their benightedness of the law and action of the fiancee visa.

In my acquaintance the relationships amid adopted woman and American men are every bit as absolute as any relationships involving American men and American women. Furthermore, the annulment amount a part of my audience is negligible as compared to the archetypal American annulment rate. I am in acquaintance with abounding of my aboriginal audience and I apperceive that they are blessed with their marriages. My clients, both the men and the women, tend to be admiring and sincere. Contrary to belief about the fiancee acceptance the men are rarely calumniating and the woman are rarely counterfeit or dishonest.


It is animating for my audience if I book their petitions and they get the cancellation from the USCIS assuming that their case is beneath way. The exhilaration is infectious. Even afterwards all these years of practicing clearing law I still aflame for my audience if we get the antecedent USCIS receipt. Unfortunately, the filing of the address is just the aboriginal footfall in a continued and circuitous journey.

People charge to be astute and administer their expectations if they book their fiancee acceptance petition. The action is long. You will be actual black and aghast if you apprehend that your fiancee will be actuality aural a few weeks of filing the petition. Some USCIS Account Centers are faster than added and some adopted consulates are faster than others. With the appropriate aggregate of a fast USCIS account centermost and a fast adopted admiral a fiancee acceptance can be acquired in 4-6 weeks.

A case filed at the Vermont Account Centermost and candy at the American Admiral in Mexico would be the fastest combination. A fast time band is not, however, typical. The USCIS California Account Centermost can be apathetic and consular processing in China is actual slow. I accept an advocate who works for me in China and helps my audience cross consular processing in China and still the action is actual slow. Consular processing in the Philippines is faster than in China but still the action can yield several months. If you accept astute apprehension of the time band of the fiancee acceptance action you will be captivated if the acceptance is granted. The action is slow, but if the case is done accurately the fiancee acceptance will be granted.


The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2006 was advised to annihilate the corruption of adopted women by American men. In my assessment IMBRA is a band-aid to a non exact problem. I accept never apparent the blazon of corruption and corruption IMBRA was advised to remedy. Furthermore, as a applied amount IMBRA does not aftereffect the all-inclusive majority of cases. It alone absolutely affects American men with austere bent annal and American men who accept filed antecedent fiancee acceptance petitions. At the time IMBRA was allowable humans feared that it would annihilate the fiancee visa. That has not happened.


Yes, a admirable 25 year old adopted woman absolutely can abatement in adulation with a 55 year old American. I accept apparent it appear abounding times. Adopted woman tend to be beneath afraid with apparent attributes than American women. A lot of adopted woman are searching for a admiring and abiding man. They are not as afraid with the age of the man as they are with the superior of his character. The acknowledged marriages my audience accept congenital angle as a acknowledgment to the contemptuous critics of the fiancee visa.


My American audience are absolutely accustomed humans from all walks of life. My audience accept included multi-millionaires, doctors, accountants, car salesmen, plumbers, barter drivers, pilots, associates of the military, business owners, nurses, dentists, accumulated executives, artists, chief government bureaucrats, waiters, agenda dealers, engineers and scientists. There is no archetypal fiancee acceptance petitioner. The adopted women are aswell absolutely accustomed and from all walks of life. The adopted fiancees I accept acquired visas for cover doctors, dentists, chief government bureaucrats, engineers, business owners, waitresses, nurses, students, and lawyers.


My observations would not be complete if I didn’t address about the a lot of abnormal case I’ve anytime handled. This case complex an American man who was appear from bastille afterwards confined a continued book for the affection killing of his aboriginal wife. During his incarceration the man had amorphous agnate with a adopted woman and they became affianced afterwards he was appear from prison. I accept to add that this blazon of case will never afresh appear up because beneath IMBRA this American appellant would not be accustomed to do a fiancee visa. The drafters and supporters of IMBRA would acceptable say that this is absolutely the blazon of case IMBRA was advised to prevent. I’m abiding that abounding of you account this accept an angel of the adopted fiancee in this case. Rest assured the adopted fiancee was annihilation like you ability imagine. She was an acutely able and adult Western European architect who captivated a actual amenable and important job in Europe. The American man was absolutely adapted and in fact actual nice. This brace was actual abundant in adulation and afraid to get married. I acquired the fiancee acceptance for the woman and endure I heard the brace was affiliated and active actual happily. I in fact was actual afraid to yield this case until I bent for myself that the American man was absolutely reformed. This case goes to appearance how abnormal and abrupt adulation can be. No amount how abnormal anyone thinks their fiancee acceptance case is I don’t anticipate will anytime acquisition a added abnormal case than the one I just described.


Every American man who begins a accord with a adopted woman has apropos about the angary of his adopted woman. As I said ahead a lot of adopted woman are honest and sincere, however, there is a baby sub accumulation of adopted woman who are alone absorbed stringing forth an American man for the purpose of accepting money from him.

Fortunately, it is almost simple to actuate if a woman is a artifice if you apperceive what to attending for. Below are the 5 red flags that a women ability be a fraud:

A. She consistently wants you to be sending her money. This blazon of woman lurches from one ancestors accident to another. Her ancestors are consistently defective surgeries and/or dying. Alternately she may affirmation she is getting evicted from her accommodation and needs money for a new abode or that she just absent her job. You should not be sending a woman money in the aboriginal stages of a relationship. If you are in a accord with a woman who consistently asks you for money you charge to be actual afraid about her sincerity. A archetypal American man would not accord ample sums of money to a new American adherent and neither should he accord money to a new adopted girlfriend. If you accept met your adopted adherent and are assertive of her artlessness it is accept to advice her out financially. You should not, however, be sending money to a adopted adherent until you accept become assertive of her sincerity.

B. She is clumsy or afraid to accommodated you in person. This blazon of women about has added than one American boyfriend. Also, this blazon of women about consistently wants money from you. Beware the women who says she loves you but is clumsy to accommodated you.

C. She addresses you by a altered name. Believe it or not I accept in fact apparent this appear a few times. This blazon of women is agnate with so abounding altered American men that she gets them confused. You would not abide a austere American adherent getting adulterine to you and you should not abide unfaithfulness from a adopted women.

D. She is annoying with you or your advocate afterwards you arise the fiancee acceptance process. This blazon of women does not in fact wish to appear to America and does not wish to ally an American. This blazon of women wants you to forward her money so that can reside calmly in her home country. She is frequently actual absorbed to her ancestors away and just does not wish to leave them. This blazon of women does aggregate she can to adjournment or agitate the fiancee visa. Addition tactic of this blazon of woman is that she tells you that she can get a day-tripper acceptance if you forward her $5,000. Of advance she cannot get a day-tripper visa, she is alone aggravating to get yet added money from you. Beware of women who don’t abet with the fiancee acceptance process.

E. She is not accessible to email or allocution to you. This blazon of woman has so abounding American boyfriends that she artlessly does not accept the time to email or allocution to you. Beware of women who become bare to you.